Exploration Station

Come to the Exploration Station. The free program runs September – May.  It is open every Saturday morning 10:30 – 12:30, Sunday, 1:30 – 3:30.  It is also open from 10:30 – 12:30 on Monday when there is no school because of holidays.

Docents help children and others learn through interactive displays and games in the showrooms.

New topics every month.

Drop in anytime.  It’s FREE!

Here are the topics for September 2015 – May 2016:

  • September topic:  “Seasonal Changes”  Learn why some leaves change colors in the fall and others stay green.  Activities include leaf and seed identification that you can incorporate into your daily walk.
  • October topic:  “Go Batty For Bats” Bats account for nearly a quarter of the mammal species on earth.  Besides being the only mammal capable of true flight, they are also natural pest controllers.  With all these good traits, they are often misunderstood for being one of the bad guys in the animal world.  We will look at the positive role bats play in the environment and how we can conserve and protect their population.
  • November topic:  “Habitat:  Deserts.” How can so much live exist in such harsh environments? Learn about the plants and animals that live in these dry habitats and how we can apply that knowledge to our own environment.
  • December topic:  “Festival of Colors.” Why are roses red and violets blue?  In this season of lights we will learn about plant colors and celebrate the pigments that make the Conservatory such a kaleidoscope of colors that turn everyday into a holiday for the senses.
  • January topic:  “Ponds and Streams”  The waterfall and pond in the Conservatory have been delighting many visitors over the years. Ponds and streams provide many different habitats for an even larger number of plants and animals.  Take a look at why these different bodies of water are so fascinating to us.
  • February topic:  “Chocolate” Celebrate the most popular plant on planet Earth and see how an odd looking fruit is transformed into yummy confections.
  • March topic:  “All About Parrots” George, Sarah and Skipper are the Conservatory’s most popular residents but we don’t know much about them.  Learn all about parrots from their habitats to how they learn to talk.  Let’s see what secrets we can learn from our colorful feathered friends.
  • April topic:  “Hide and Seek” Some animals are so good at blending into the landscape that we often cannot see them even though we are looking right at them.  Learn how and why they hide and how we can seek them out.
  • May topic:  “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs” Be it in a nest or underwater, eggs are the first step to life for all our Conservatory animals.  Learn more about these wonderful eggs and see if the eggs do indeed come before the parrot.