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Tours of the Oak Park Conservatory, a historic landmark owned and operated by the Park District of Oak Park, are offered to adults and children. Led by trained docents who are Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory volunteers, our tours feature the four distinct ecosystems at the Conservatory.

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Exploration Kits

The Friends Exploration Kits are designed to align with the NGSS Performance Expectations for K-1st grade. Exploration Kits contain a presentation board, activities, books, and learning tools to highlight specific plants that live in the habitats on display at the Oak Park Conservatory.

Choose from:

Plant Super-Powers: This kit highlights leaves of plants that have structural “Super-Powers” that enable them to thrive in their habitats. Students learn how those structural super-powers might be used to solve a human problem.

Traveling Seeds: Seeds travel or disperse in different ways depending on their shapes and sizes. Students will learn about the journey of seeds through hands-on exploration and discovery.

Contact our Program and Volunteer Coordinator for more information and to request a Kit or complete this request form.  

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