Friends Membership = Savings @Garden Centers

As the gardening season gets underway, we encourage our FOPCON members to support our longtime FOPCON retail partners. Members enjoy a 10% discount on purchases. Bring your membership card when you shop for plants and flowers, soil, and other gardening supplies at these local businesses:

Recently I went to Good Earth Greenhouse to buy coneflowers, vinca and Alyssum. They have a huge selection of healthy-looking annuals, perennials, and edibles for your garden. At checkout, I mentioned I’m a FOPCON member and asked if they’d like to see my membership card. I got a smile and was told by the checker that it wasn’t necessary; he believed me.

Last year in May I stopped by the McAdam Garden Center to buy some annuals. I mentioned my FOPCON membership at checkout and got a friendly smile and a 10% discount. In addition to the flowers, I received a bonus gift of a basket of pansies for Mother’s Day!

We often hear we should “shop local.” Our FOPCON memberships are a good opportunity to save a little money and support our local partners. Join today and support our local non-profit and be rewarded with many gardening benefits.

Kathy FioRito
FOPCON Membership Co-chair


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