Year of the Butterfly

We are all ready for some hope, and butterflies symbolize hope and renewal. By working together, we want to spark hopeful action through activities, engagement, and education.

Inspired and guided by the Illinois Monarch Project, the Year of the Butterfly is an effort of local organizations cooperating to bring awareness to our community about how to support a healthy habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. Throughout the summer various groups will provide activities for families, lectures for adults, book recommendations, and plant sales.  All will help to inform residents about butterflies, especially monarchs, some of the dangers they face, and what can be done to help. 

West Cook Wild Ones, Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory, and Interfaith Green Network thank everyone who has joined in this effort to bring the Year of the Butterfly to Life. 

Come explore the Year of the Butterfly events and join us as we learn more about pollinator-friendly spaces.